Insight to my photos

Hello, I am Yoshawn Smith creator of Sartorial Los Angeles, I’d like to give you a little info as to what you will see on this blog. 

When I am out taking the photos that will be seen in this blog, I usually don’t go out with a game plan, which you think I would since I take these photos on my way to work. I am walk the same route everyday looking for outfits and people that intrigue me, so the photos will not be of people wearing high class designer labels, but more of just a different type of style that doesn’t seem forced. I like to photograph people who look comfortable in what they are wearing. 

The places I mainly shoot are Downtown Los Angeles, from 7th st/Hope st. – 7th/Spring – 4th/Spring and then in little Tokyo down 2nd st. So if you are ever downtown and you spot me walking this route, please say “Hello” and please let me take your photo.

I will try to keep up with this blog as much as possible, so please bare with me, as I am still compiling photos to be presented for the first week of August. In the mmeantime check out the Instagram page @sartorial.losangeles.

Cheers from Sartorial Los Angeles.


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