Its not just the outfit

I gave you all a little insight as to how I choose who to photograph while on my walks, but I’m going to tell you a little more just to get the ball rolling onto the correct slope. When I see a person dressed very nice or very different; it’s not only the style but the personality that goes along with it there has to be something there with their person for me to want to take their photo.

I have passed up many great outfits and looks just because of the expression on someone’s face as they are walking down the street. Its always a different feel I get from people before I decide to approach them and if the feel is wrong then I’ll keep walking and not bother. This isn’t me being picky, it’s me being smart. If I snapped a photo of every person I wanted to then this  wouldn’t be as interesting, fun or exciting ad it is now. These looks are one of a kind, truly unique looks here in L.A. and I  wouldn’t see another look like it here.


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