The Style Barre

This past Saturday Dec. 3rd, 2016 The Style Barre threw yet another amazing event. Being the photographer for the boutique gave me a few advantages when taking shots of event goers. I’ve compiled a gallery of my favorite outfits from the night. I hope you enjoy these photos.



On My Walks…

On Spring st…Downtown Los Angeles, CA

It’s always the subtle things can make an outfit great. A great smile, a nice bow, or an amazing bag. For her it’s all three…


Ngozikaokeke Label…

This is a small set I shot for a local Designer in Los Angeles. Her work is very experimental in the right way. She blends the latest trends with what she finds appealing to her. From what she does you can tell she doesn’t care about what others think of her work in a negative way. Here she blends soft fabrics with translucent strips of vinyl to create seams on a T-shirt. The drop crotg joggers are the most well fitted and functional joggers I’ve seen to date.