Rachelle Yadegar

The other day I met up with Style Blogger Rachelle Yadegar, she has been a fan of mine for a while now but never reached out until recently. She contacted me for a quick shoot in Downtown Los Angeles which is perfect for since I’m always in downtown. 

We kept trying to meet and meet but the weather kept taking a turn for the worse. I felt as if we were never going to shoot with each other at all, but by some stroke of luck she text me while I was on my way to meet another friend for coffee, luckily Rachelle lived right down the street from where I was. She came out in this very nice attire. Black velvet coat, white and black print dress, gold framed shade, purple suede purse and a face for a fashion magazine.  What does butt press on time we have to get the shots done really quick. So we found a quick spot set up poses and got her said then really fast was about 15 photos or so and she was really grateful that I was grateful for her and I hope to work with her later on the year.




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