I’ve been asked many times how I decide who to ask for a photo or how I go about looking for a photo to take. The thing is, I don’t really have a technique or process to it. It’s something one has to see for themselves, mainly because I’m not giving talk my secrets in approaching people in Los Angeles about a photo. 

I’ve had a few people accompany me during a walk to observe how I get the shots and approach the diverse people I come across. I’d like to think it was a learning experience for them just as it was for me. If you’d ever like to take a walk with me, feel free to contact me at and we can set up a day and time to shoot together.

I recently had a good friend of mine come with me on a walk throughout dtla so he can see how I work when I’m out. First thing I told him to take off his earbuds and sunglasses. Always make eye contact with the individual with a smile and bright eyes. But that’s all I’m giving y’all for now. These photos are some I took on my walk with him. I hope you all enjoy.

Be sure to check out his page  @hipsyeruly


On My Walks…

On 8th/Los Angeles st….Downtown Los Angeles, CA

The diversity in this blog has gotten great recognition, but I mainly think it’s because the photos are taken in Los Angeles. 

Walking in Downtown Los Angeles  you can come across anyone. I never know what the person I photograph does for a living or what they have done until they tell me or I see their IG/website. Randomly running into designers, brand owners, artist, musicians and just amazingly great people is insane to me. 

The lady with the dog in her arms is the brand owner/designer of Lux Muse (@luxmuse) a great women’s line that dabbles in leotards, leggings and accessories. She has taken something so plain and simple and turned it into something worth looking at over and over again.