Black Fashion in Los Angeles

I have never really taken notice to it but it was recently brought to my attention that I am becoming a prominent figure within the Black/African American Fashion Community within Los Angeles. I myself have never been a apart of a community where I felt welcomed as a black kid within the Black community, so to be accepted now is still very strange to me. It’s not a bad thing nor am I complaining, it’s just feels strange how it all randomly happened so quick. I’d like to think I’m doing something right but at the same time I wonder if it’s just because of social media?

Over the course of me photographing styles on the street on DTLA, those who have stood out the most have been young Black individuals who have their own creative view on fashion. I am always available to shoot any independent fashion events or even shows for those like minded individuals who wants a different view on things. But in the meantime here are some of my favorite looks I’ve seen on the streets.

PS I love all of you beautiful people and I wish to work with more of my beautiful black and brown people.



Hair, Glasses, Eye Shadow…

Can we talk about how amazing it is when the right combination happens to a person’s being when they have the right glasses, the right eye shadow or their hair is just awesome. If you have all three going on the you are in good with me. 

As a streetstyle photographer I do look for outfits but I also like to look for what is making this person unique and that’s when all three of the before mentioned happens.  It’s being summer in Los Angeles, and hotter than usual because of the storm from Huston, TX, I’ve noticed people aren’t focused on what to wear because of the heat, but they do focus on what their face would look like.  So I decided to focus on that and the outfits, if the equation is right then I ask for a photo or two. Here some of my favorites so far during this summer.





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On My Walks…

On 8th/Los Angeles st….Downtown Los Angeles, CA

The diversity in this blog has gotten great recognition, but I mainly think it’s because the photos are taken in Los Angeles. 

Walking in Downtown Los Angeles  you can come across anyone. I never know what the person I photograph does for a living or what they have done until they tell me or I see their IG/website. Randomly running into designers, brand owners, artist, musicians and just amazingly great people is insane to me. 

The lady with the dog in her arms is the brand owner/designer of Lux Muse (@luxmuse) a great women’s line that dabbles in leotards, leggings and accessories. She has taken something so plain and simple and turned it into something worth looking at over and over again.

Leather on leather on Gold on leather

So recently I’ve had the opportunity to photograph a pop up shop event for Majesty Black and some other great Los Angeles Designer brands that cater to the outlandish, fetishists imagination of bdsm in public. I love it all! The works of Majesty Black, Ashton Michael, House Of Malakai and others are pieces to be reckoned with. These designers show the true meaning of wearable/functional art. 

When you have so many good looking people in one room, it’s pretty hard not to take photos of everyone who walks through the door. 
Left to Right

Joshua David(@majestblack) Malakai (@houseofmalakai) Joy (@shop_exalt) Leafar Seyer (@prayers) Dave Parley (@daveparley) Justin (@partsof4)Joshua David, Marie, Leafar, Natalia Fedner (@Nataliafedner)

Malakai and Joy

Justin Sullivan (@justinsullivan) Jewelry by @partof4

Lead Singer of Industrial band @3teethVee of @Majesty Black

The family of the night

Dave Parley of Prayers @Dave ParleyJoshua David with friends

Leafar Seyer of Prayers (@prayers)