Shooting for others.

Hello, once again I have not been shooting lovely people on the streets of Los Angeles, as I mentioned in a previous post about how hard it is to do in the winter since everyone is covered up and wearing mainly dark colors all of the time and the light is gone before I get the day started. None the less I have done a few editorial shoot for bloggers and boutiques during the month of December. But before I forget, Happy New Year and all that jazz! Be sure to watch for some very exciting sets from me and others during 2017.  

Ngozikaokeke Label…

This is a small set I shot for a local Designer in Los Angeles. Her work is very experimental in the right way. She blends the latest trends with what she finds appealing to her. From what she does you can tell she doesn’t care about what others think of her work in a negative way. Here she blends soft fabrics with translucent strips of vinyl to create seams on a T-shirt. The drop crotg joggers are the most well fitted and functional joggers I’ve seen to date.