Vintage from the Barrio

Yes I know I’ve been away for a while, but there’s what happens when you’re trying take over the world (Los Angeles). I have been to every corner of this city and have met/seen some of the most amazingly stylish and awesome people. Mainly due to social media which is why I have not been posting much until they gave the okay to do so. But whatever, that’s a different story for no other time. 

I briefly met with a true dandy, straight from the Barrio of East Los. If you are from Los Angeles then you know how sanding the style and times of the 1920s-1950s were. With keeping that tradition alive of being well dressed and ready for a rumble, he has established a name for himself amongst the Pachucos of the modern day. 

Sartorial Los Angeles

On My Walks…

On 9th/Broadway… Downtown Los Angeles, CA

Okay so these photos are those types where you can tell how small the world has become because of social media. A month ago I met a lady at the Farmers Market in Downtown Los Angeles, she was wearing a pink and red Kimono so I asked her for a couple of shots. We too the photos and she mentioned I should follow a guy she photographed named Emmet Skyy. I did and I haven’t put much thought into it, but I see his photos everyday on my feed.  

Completely by chance I ran into him after making a decision of whether to walk down Broadway towards the blueline or walk pass FIDM for a photo opportunity. I made the right choice and here are these photos.


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